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Welcome to Discovery Update

 Thank you for your interest in Discovery Update. The purpose of these articles and study resources is to encourage you to search for the truth in your Bible, and to use it as your only source.

 Many Christians today are leaving churches because they are not being fed. It's not that their faith is waning; it's that the Bible itself is not being preached. The sermons are full of opinions and lovely stories. It's like people are putting their faith and salvation in the hands of their religious leaders and not in Jesus. In the Scriptures Jesus taught us that this is a dangerous practice (Mat 16:12, Mar 12:38, Luke 12:1, 20:46).

 The team at Discovery Update consists of people who have recognised the deception within their various churches, and have now stepped out to search for the uncontaminated truth.

 Writers of the various articles and studies are non-denominational, and the topical studies by Author Larry Wilson, have resulted from 35 years of studying the Scriptures. His journey began when an interest in the Book of Revelation, led him to read all he could find on the subject. After obtaining many books about these prophecies from a library, he noticed that each told a different story; mostly based on the doctrines of their particular church. This frustrated Larry, leading him to seek what the Scriptures actually had to say; without the influence of church doctrines. His findings will amaze you!

 The Discovery Update team, do not profess to have found or to know all truth. What we do profess is that the Bible is the only authority that we have been given, for which we are to test all doctrines. We also encourage you to test theories presented in Larry's studies against Scripture. We believe truth can be found without the assistance of a modern day prophet. Jesus taught that the Holy Spirit would lead us into all truth, not a prophet, (John 16:13).

 We pray that these study resources will assist you in stepping back and looking at the Scriptures without denominational influence; so that you will hear what the Holy Spirit has for you. Don't follow a church, follow Jesus.

 May God bless you in your continued studies, is our prayer.