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Is God the master of total confusion!

Look at the biblical contradictions

  Wishy-washy comes to mind after talking to many church leaders. We're amazed how many times we hear them say, "this is my opinion, not the view of the church". They are the Church Leaders, so it would be logical to say that their opinion is the view of the church. It is difficult to get actual doctrines from them, so much so that we are not convinced that the leaders would stand by their Church doctrine if put to the test.

 The book of Revelation appears to be on many Christian's minds, and for this reason we surveyed the churches on their teachings. We concluded Church Leaders, at least the ones spoken to, mostly lacked in Biblical understanding.

 You may disagree with the conclusions you read below. But prove and test them, for if the answers from these Church Leaders are any indication of what you believe, we pray that you start searching the Scriptures, to see if what you believe may be flawed. So let's compare their answers given in the chart above with what the Bible says. The conclusions presented here are based on many verses, but for the sake of space we will quote the most relevant ones.

 1. All of the churches we rang believed that Jesus could return this year. But in the Bible Paul says before Jesus can come the 'Man of Sin' must appear. Daniel and Revelation teach of a 1335 day Tribulation, concluding with the Second Coming. The return of Jesus this year is therefore unlikely, yet the Tribulation could commence.

 2. The Bible teaches Jesus will raise His people 'in the last day'. The question: Is "the last day" before or after the tribulation.

 3. The Bible says the earth is not left in an inhabitable state at the Second Coming (2Pet 3:10). John 14:2-3 clearly indicates Christ's people will reign with Him in heaven 1000 years (Rev 20:6).

 4. The 70 weeks from Daniel 9:24 is based on the Jubilee calendar which is Gods calendar that among other things gave the land a seven year rest. The calendar does not allow for weeks to be separated. The 70th week of Daniel would follow the 69th week, in which Christ was 'cut off' in the middle. The seventieth week is Past.

 5. The Bible says the biological children of Israel are now considered equal to other people based on New Testament writings (Gal 3:2-29, Rom 2:9-11, 3:9, Col 3:10-11).

 6. The 'Man of sin' is revealed 2/3rd through the tribulation (2Thes 2:3, Rev 17:8, Rev 13:11).

 7. If to suffer eternal fire means to burn forever, then Sodom and Gomorrah would need to be burning today. These wicked cities suffered eternal fire, but are not burning today (Jude 1:7). The destructive results of this fire were eternal, the process of burning was not.

 8. Revelation indicates the 7 trumpets are in the future, starting straight after the 144,000 are sealed at the commencement of the tribulation. God numbered them 1 to 7. If they were to be fulfilled more than once, wouldn't God have numbered them 1 to 14?

 9. Baptism in the Holy Spirit, Not Water, is required to enter God's kingdom (John 3:5, Act 1:5).

 10. Jesus is the creating agent of the Godhead (Heb 1:2, Col 1:14-19, John 1:1-14). According to John 1:18 no-one has seen the father so it was Jesus who walked with Adam, Abraham and Moses. Jesus created Heaven and Earth.

 11. God's Ten Commandments are as important today as they ever were. Either that or heaven and earth have passed without us noticing (Mat 5:18, Jam 2:10-12).

 12. Sabbath means Seventh Day, Saturday. In Spain Saturday is called Sabado. In Israel Saturday is called Sabbath.

 13. Many verses indicate the dead sleep/rest in the grave until the Second Coming if righteous or 1000 years later if wicked. Even the great King David has not ascended to Heaven yet. Act 2:34

 14. The Bible teaches a tithe is a tenth of what God produces (Deut 14:22-29 crops and stock, Lev 27:30-32). Nowhere does it refer to mans labour, for mans labour is a gift from God (Ecc 3:13).

Jesus is coming soon and He held Israel accountable to know Zechariah 9:9, when he came down the Mount of Olives on a colt of an Ass. Because they didn't recognise him they were blinded from the truth. God is about to send a 'Strong Delusion' upon this world, and if it were possible, even the elect will be deceived. With so many churches teaching a different Jesus, you have to wonder if the Jesus you believe in, is the one who is in heaven. Revelation was put in the Bible for one reason and one reason only, EACH PART OF IT'S FULFILLMENT WILL REVEAL WHO JESUS CHRIST REALLY IS. If you don't start looking for understanding in the book of Revelation, your eyes are also likely to be blinded to the truth.