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  Dangerous Journeys of a Bible Runner  

There are Christians every day smuggling bibles and Christian based learning material into the restricted countries of the world. These countries spread across the centre of the globe like some silent killing cancer.   MORE >> 

  Left Behind - Who will be taken?

Many churches are a buzz with the imminent coming of Jesus Christ. But how many Christians will turn from their faith when they discover the teachings of their church were actually lies.   MORE >> 

  10 out of 10 people die, then what?

Death is not a mystery to a diligent Bible reader. We are warned that Satan and his dark angels impersonate deceased relatives, for the purpose of giving cunning messages of deception to mankind.   MORE >> 

  Do you understand the Book of Revelation? [Full Study]

Apparently most of the Church Leaders don't either! God holds you accountable to know the contents of The Book of Revelation? Blessed is he that reads, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand (Rev 1:3).   MORE >> 

  Mans Choices [Full Study]

Did God give Israel an opportunity to accept their Messiah? Why was Jesus nailed to a cross, when all the symbolism pointed to 'the lamb' being sacrificed on an altar, in the temple? Were ancient Israel told about the need for a Second Coming?...   MORE >> 

  Speaking in Tougues [Full Study]

Why do some people speak 'strange unknown tongues' in churches today; when in all the Bible examples it was a known language which people understood? For every good thing God has given, Satan seems to have a counterfeit; so how do we distinguish the true gift....   MORE >> 

  Judgement and the fate of the wicked [Full Study]

When is man judged; at death or at a later date? To go to heaven or hell at death, would not a man require judgment at death? Where do we spend the 1000 years? This study is an exciting look at the Biblical evidence on the entire judgement process...   MORE >> 

  What must I do to be saved [Full Study]

Is keeping the Sabbath really legalism? If so, wouldn't that make refraining from committing adultery also legalism? Didn't Jesus tell us to go and sin no more? This is a surprising look at how plain simple logic brings light to this often misunderstood issue...   MORE >> 

  Three days and three nights [Full Study]

Luke 24 provides clear evidence that Sunday was the 3rd day since Jesus crucifixion. However, does this accommodate Him being 3 days and 3 nights in the tomb? This study exposes a side to this debate that very few have noticed before...   MORE >> 

  When does a day start? [Full Study]

Does a day really start at night? Israel left Egypt on the 15th, yet Passover night is called the 14th; how does that fit! A fascinating look at all the Biblical evidence, reveals that most Seventh Day Adventists may actually have it wrong...   MORE >> 

  The Unholy Trinity [Full Study]

John said; "this is eternal life... to know the one true God and Jesus Christ". God has sent the Spirit of His Son into our hearts, that Christ may dwell in our hearts by faith; so where does the Holy Spirit really fit into the equation...   MORE >> 

  I thought it was Jesus that was nailed to the cross [Full Study]

What was nailed to the cross? Some us Col 2:16 to nail the Sabbath to the cross; but why would God delete ONE command that He had once written in stone. This study provides a clear, seldom heard explanation, of what Col 2:16 is REALLY saying...   MORE >> 

  A Heart for God [Full Study]

God's New Covenant promise is to write His Laws in our hearts and minds. But what Laws is He going to write there? This fascinating study, which focuses on the heart of man, will take you on an unexpected journey into Bible truth ...   MORE >> 

  MIRACLES . . . Science Can't Explain

MARLENE KLEPEES: cured of cerebral palsy For centuries the question of the existence of miracles has vexed philosophers, scientists, skeptics and believers alike. While intellectual arguments about the existence of God...   MORE >> 

  WIN $1,000,000 FREE!!! for one verse

Interested in an easy Million? Then dust off your Bibles!!! This $1 Million offer is still up for grabs! Having seen it on TV1 New Zealand news, I went to investigate further.   MORE >> 

  Which Church ? The narrow path maybe harder to find than you think

1000 to choose from, but which can we trust? Latest statistics reveal nearly 1000 different Christian based church denominations exist today. e.g. All Pentecostal churches are one denomination.   MORE >> 

  Is God the master of total confusion!

Look at the biblical contradictions Wishy-washy comes to mind after talking to many church leaders. We're amazed how many times they said, "this is my opinion, not the view of the church".   MORE >> 

  No Law = Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll

Much of the Christian world teaches the Law of the Ten Commandments was nail to the cross and is now just a guideline. How correct is this perception?   MORE >> 

Unique: Laminated wood that is petrified   Laminated wood used in Noah's Ark
Petrified laminated wood excavated from the site reveals amazing construction techniques

Ashen remains of Gomorrah   Cities of ash
Recently rediscovered, the cities of Sodom & Gomorrah are literally "brimming" with evidence

Mount Sinai in Arabia.   Burnt mountain top
Stunning evidence discovered in a Saudi desert pinpoints the real location of Mount Sinai

Chariot wheel in coral in Red Sea   The Exodus route found
A graveyard of horse, human and chariot remains found on the sea-bed off the Sinai Peninsula

Ivory Pomegranate from Solomon's Temple.   First Temple Artifact
An item from Solomon's Temple is evidence of more significant artifacts